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Don't forget to Register your new lab puppy with the American Kennel Club.  AKC has many advantages to the registry.
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Kali / BJ Litter-- Born February 8, 2018.

Nala / Moses Litter-- Born February 9, 2018.

5 Males

Pick #1--Shane Taylor                                    Pick #2--Amanda Heirs
Pick #3--Randy Jacobs                                   Pick #4--William Dozier
Pick #5--

4 Females

​Pick #1--Shane Taylor
Pick #2--Peggy Stephens
Pick #3--Rachel Brown
Pick #4--Angela Sitzlar

Maggie/Moses Litter----Born March 2, 2018
3 Males

1st Pick--Shane Taylor
2nd Pick--Jack Slivinski
3rd Pick--Elmar Orujav

5 Femles

Pick #1--Shane Taylor                                                    Pick #2--Tommy Anderson
Pick #3--Diane Doktor                                                    Pick #4--Janice Dunlap
Pick #5--                                       
4 Males
Pick #1-- Shane Taylor                                Pick #2--Carrie Ecker
Pick #3--Robynne Adams                           Pick #4--Chris Fritzen

2 Females
Pick #1--Shane Taylor
Pick #2--Ann Bell