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Socializing our puppies
Give your new Labrador Retriever his own space, a place that is only his. When you put him there, he will know not to come away from that place, even when you go away from him. Your new Labrador puppy will learn very quickly where his place is. He will likely go there when you scold him, or when he is tired and needs a nap. This is a place he will feel comfortable and safe.  A place that he knows is where he should be.

Labrador Retrievers are very fast learners, but just like with a child you have to reinforce, reinforce, and reinforce some more. 

Most of all take up time with your new Labrador puppy. Enjoy the puppy stage, because before you turn around good they will be all grown up.

If you choose to adopt one of our white lab puppies for sale or yellow Labrador puppies for sale and make a Labrador Retriever your family companion, you will have love and devotion and a loyal companion for many years to come.
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Here at Damascus Way Labradors, socializing is an aspect we keep uppermost in our thoughts. We start socializing our yellow and white Labs puppies for sale from birth. The minute they are born, they are handled. I handle each and every Labrador puppy and even help the mom during the birthing process. From that point on, on a daily basis I go in and sit with the mother touching each of the Labrador puppies, cuddling and talking to each pup. By the time they go home they think I am their mom.
Conner handling a new born Labrador  Retreiver  puppy
Socializing a new Labrador puppy is the most important part of his or her intellect, training and knowledge of the world around them. A Labrador Retriever puppy wants to please but without the interaction with its new owners on a daily basis there is no way they will know what is expected of them or know what they can expect from you.

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It is a good idea to set up a daily routine with your new Labrador retriever puppy. Times for potty, times to eat, times to play, times to sleep and especially times to just hang out. Let your new Labrador retriever puppy do things with you. Talk to them as if they know what you are saying. Eventually they will learn what you are saying and know exactly what to do.
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Socializing our White Labs puppies for Sale