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Labrador Retriever - Puppy Health Guarantee

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This guarantee is between Damascus Way Labradors who is the seller and the buyer.

Seller: guarantees puppy to be free of any health problems for a period of 7 days after the puppy goes home. During that time the buyer agrees to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian, and all required vaccinations given as set forth by the seller in the health records.

Seller: guarantees that if the puppy is found to have genetic hip dysplasia during the first year from the date of birth, seller will replace the puppy.

Buyer: agrees to furnish x-rays of the puppy’s hips and a letter from the attending veterinarian verifying the puppy is dysplastic.

Buyer: agrees to return the puppy to the seller in order for any part of this guarantee to be valid.

Seller: guarantees that if the puppy is found to have any genetic PRA of the eye, that would cause blindness during the first year, seller would replace the puppy. Veterinary certification is required and the puppy must be returned to the seller.

This guarantee in whole is to replace the puppy upon the return of the original puppy.

The seller in no way is responsible for veterinarian expenses or diagnostic testing. 
This agreement is as is and there is no implied guarantee to the buyer.
The seller has at his/her discretion the ability to add to this agreement if the seller deems necessary.
This agreement shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.  Parties agree that any suit, action or other proceeding arising out of the obligations hereunder shall be in the Superior Court of McDuffie County, Georgia and no other state or county and each party waives any right to a trial by jury and consent to a trial by Court. 

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