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About the Labrador Breed
Labrador Retrievers are known for their gentle and friendly temperament.  Labrador Retrievers are very versatile and require very little maintenance.  Labradors are used for many different works and hunting purposes.  The labrador has been known to be used in law inforcement, search and rescue, and at the same time a pet and companion to the families of their handlers.  Many are used in the hunt field for birds, duck, and deer.  

Since I can remember the Labrador Retriever has been the number one breed registered with  the American Kennel Club or AKC, and continues to be the number one.  I believe that is because of the versatility of the breed.  Families looking for a dog to be active and energetic with children and at the same time, loyal and loving, should look to the Labrador Retriever breed. 

Coat Coloring

Labrador Retrievers come in three colors.  Yellow labrador retrievers, black labrador retrievers, and chocolate labrador retrievers.  Within the "yellow" family there are various colors.  One being the white labrador retriever, the others are creme and fox red.   A fox red labrador retriever is one of the darkest in the "yellow" family.  It is not a new color but a very old color.  The yellow line being bred more and more over the years for the whitest of coloring has deminished the darker color in the "yellow" family. 
For your convenience i have included photos of the different colors so that  you can see  for yourself the different coat colors.  

white lab puppies at Damascus Way Labradors

fox red lab puppies for sale
This is the darker yellow or the fox red coloring in some of our fox red lab puppies for sale
This is one of our white lab puppies for sale. She is a snow white lab puppies and  the lightest you can get in the yellow family
white lab puppies for sale
yellow and black lab puppies for sale-Damascus Way Labradors
This is a litter of black labrador puppies for sale and  yellow labrador puppies for sale.  .
chocolate lab puppies for sale-Damascus Way Labradors
This is one our our Chocolate labrador puppies for sale.  Chocolate lab puppies have a dark chocolate coat.
Breed Standard

Labrador Retreivers have been characterized in two different types or styles.  One type or style is the English Labrador.   This Labrador has a large bone structure, big broad head and is shorter in height.  The other style or type is the American Labrador.  This type or style is considered to be taller, longer and leaner, with a smaller more pointed head.  Here at Damascus Way Labradors we strive for the English look, also known as the breed standard.  

Some labradors or more energetic than the others, like Marley in the movie "Marley and Me".   Marley had excessive energy.  We strive for a low keyed, calm Labrador Retriever.  One that has enough energy to hunt, or run and play, but when its time to go inside, will lay by the fireside or in your lap.  That is what we characterize as a loveable lab.

"Let us bring your family some of our Labrador Love"

Labrador Retrievers are best known for their short double coat, with a soft undercoat that keeps them warm and a hard outer coat that repels water.  The coat should be short, weather resistant and very easy to maintain. Labradors Retrievers have an otter type tail, thick at the base and tapers toward the end.  Labrador Retrievers have wide heads with ears that hang about half-way down between top of head and bottom of jaw. Their eyes are kind and itellegent with an almond shape.  A labs eyes are usually black or golden.  Chocolate labradors have blue or green eyes at birth but turn golden as they mature.  Some white and yellows have blue or green at birth and these labradors generally have pink or fleshy nose.  As a Labrador Retriever breeder this is not a desirable trait but does not affect the character or temperament of your puppy.    Labs are not only a wonderful family pet with great temperaments but they also are great for hunting and sporting dogs.

Labrador Temperament

Labrador Retrievers, are kind, affectionate, devoted, obedient and very intelligent. They are always eager to please and love being near the family and their owners. They become fond of other pets in the home and love children.  Labradors are very well known for their love and loyalty to their owners. They make wonderful guard dogs, but are rarely aggressive to people and other animals. When you first approach a Labrador Retriever you might think they appear aggressive, but they soon show their true colors.

Training and Exercise

Labrador Retrievers are easily trained which makes the process of training fun rather than like work.  So easily trained, in only a few minutes a day you can teach your labrador just about anything you ask of him.   Labradors love the outdoors and require a great deal of exercise. Without the exercise and play time they need, they tend to be more destructive in order to release the energy they might have.   Labrador Retrievers need exercise and room to run so they do best on a farm or in a fenced yard area.  However, they do well as house dogs, when they are allowed outdoor time and excercise.

Labrador Retrievers are very versatile dogs. They can be trained to do all sorts of useful tasks from retrieving the newspaper to getting your shoes. They have been trained and used for drug dogs and police dogs and even to guiding the blind.

Labrador Retrievers require much love and attention, but they are well worth the affection and time spent because in return they will love unconditionally and  you get a companion that will enrich your life for many years. 

On the average Labrador Retrievers are very healthy dogs with very few weaknesses in the anatomy.  They can live long healthy lives of up to 12-14 years with very few problems.