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white lab puppies for sale- Facility

white labrador puppy Nursery stall -Damascus Way Labradors
White labrador breeder-Damascus Way Labradors
white labrador puppy breeder in Georgia-Damascus Way Labradors
White lab puppies for sale - Damascus Way Labradors
Damascus Way Labradors - White lab Breeder in Georgia
white lab puppy breeder in Georiga- Damascus Way Labradors
white labrador puppy breeder in Georgia-Damascus Way Labradors

On the left is some of our outdoor Labrador kennels.  All of our labradors have a kennel shared with another.  All are on concrete with drainage into a septic for easy cleaning.  Our lab kennels are under permanent roof with chain link to separate individual kennels.  They each have their own igloo for comfort in winter and summer.  Our labs have a fenced in area and are let out everyday to run and play while we keep the area clean. They love it in the summer as well as the winter.  
On the left you will see our indoor labrador puppy nursery. Notice on the right of the Nursery, there are above ground kennels for our white lab puppies when they are weaned from mom.  This helps to keep them off the ground, clean and germ free.  
Below is the inside of our labrador puppy nursery.   It is climate controlled to keep our little labs puppies at the right temperature.  We have installed a seamless floor system which enables us to keep our lab puppies clean and germ free.  
This is one of our stalls in our lab puppy nursery.  Equipped with the seamless floor so that it is easy to clean and maintain.  This is where our lab moms come 2 weeks before giving birth to their new white lab puppies.
On the right above is the inside of our Lab Nursery.  Here we have six separate stalls for our lab moms and babies.  They are separated by block walls so that the moms do not get upset if there is another mom right beside her. They are very protective of the little lab puppies.  Our seamless floor is from Dura Cote Seamless floor system and is used in many veterinary hospital. 

White lab puppies for sale - Damascus Way Labradors
Monitoring our Moms from our home office.

Below is the other side of our lab nursery.  Equipped with everything we will need to birth and take care of our little lab puppies.  We even have an incubator for the lab puppies when they arrive.  They stay in the incubator until mom gets finished with the birthing process.  We stay right with our moms during birth.  We keep a watch on them before and after with close circuit cameras that is monitored from our home. 
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