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"Damascus Way Labradors" is owned and operated by the Taylor's of Grovetown, Georgia. Located in rural Georgia. We are 20 minutes west of Augusta, Georgia and 2 hours east of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our goal is to produce beautiful, sound, healthy Labrador Retrievers with such wonderful temperaments that they become a part of your family, blending well with children and other adults.  This type of Labrador Retriever brings our customers back time and time again.

We have been breeding AKC Labrador Retrievers exclusively for several years in Grovetown, Georgia and are very proud of our dogs. We raise Yellow Labrador Retrievers, White Labrador Retrievers, Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Fox Red and Black Labrador Retrievers. We breed for size, temperament and intellect as well as producing a healthy pet or hunting companion.

We spend countless hours at the Labrador kennels where our facilities include an indoor whelping kennel strictly for our moms with lab puppies. A climate controlled space so that our labrador retriever puppies stay at just the right temperature until they are weaned from their moms.  See our Labrador puppy Nursery.   After they leave the Nursery, they are placed in an outdoor area exclusively for weaned lab puppies. It is important for our lab puppies to be in the fresh outside air, when they are ready for it.  

 Our adult labrador facility is open air under 1500 square feet of roof. Our labrador retriever kennels are chain linked with concrete flooring, all under roof.   Our kennel for Labrador Retreivers is completely fenced for the safety of our adult Labrador dogs. Our adults Labradors are let out everyday for exercise, fun, and play.

 It has been a real joy for us to see our Labrador Retriever puppies go home with people I know will love and adore them as we do.  

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145 Louisville Road, Grovetown, Ga