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Damascus Way Labradors takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients. To help them find just the right yellow, white, chocolate or black labrador puppy to suit their home and lifestyle.  We try to do everything to insure that our customers are 100% satisfied when they leave our facility.

Client Review
Just wanted to send you a quick email and picture of Gatlin. This is one of King and Ashley’s fox red puppies I got from you back in December of 1998. Thought that you would like to see a picture of him. Great dog. Loves to hunt. Sincerely, Chris Greene (Valdosta, GA) 
fox red labrador puppy for sale-duck dog

.Hello Mrs. Vickie

  Once I had to decided to purchase a puppy my nest task was to find a respectable breeder. All I did was Google and up popped Damascus Way Labs, right away I called Mrs. Vickie and she was more than willing to answer all of my questions. My family and I were allowed to come visit and I was surprised. The area is spacious and clean, the labs were friendly, clean, and well groomed. Most importantly to me, the space did not smell like "dog", right then I had made my mind up that we would be purchasing a puppy from here. Once Baylyn was born Mrs. Vickie called us right away to come and choose our new family member and while there Mrs. Vickie did an awsome job at explaining all that the puppy would need. Long story short we left there the day before Mother's Day with a White Lab, we named her Baylyn Butterfly DePriest. She is part of the family now with her own area of the house and a spot on the couch! I have recommended Damascus Way Labs to many people and will go back myself in the future. Thank you Mrs. Vickie!

yellow labradors for sale - damascus way labradors
Meet some of the special people who have opened their homes to one or two of our very special labrador pups

Dec. 6, 2011
Hello Vickie,
This is a picture of Winston's "SHADOW" of Damascus Way. This was taken about 3 weeks ago. He had his last shot last Monday and he weighed 57 lbs. He is now 5 months old. James and Elle May made a Beautiful Baby. I want to thank you for this Precious Angel "Shadow" that you sent to me. He has helped me with the pain of losing Winston. He has the same ways of Winston and looks more like him every day. Damascus Way is the most Beautiful Labs you could ever have. Please keep the Damascus Way Line going, as they are the labs I will go for everytime. I will send more picture's soon as he is growing like a weed. He is now taller than my girl "Star". He's going to be taller and more lean than Winston was. I'm just glad that he is a part of my "Winston". It shows in his little personality as the days go by. He has actually grown since this picture, and Probably weighs around 60 lbs. now. Thanks again and I'll keep in touch.
Frankie Butler
yellow labradors for sale - damascus way labradors

​Hi Vickie; 

  We bought a yellow female puppy from you about a year ago and you shipped her to us on March 17, 2011. We bought her from you sight unseen. We just told you what we wanted and you did an awesome job at picking her out for us. She does still have the sassyness in her. We named her Lady and she has turned out to be a very good dog so far. We have had some issues with her chewing but other than that she has turned out to be a very good dog. She is going to be a year old on Sunday. It's very hard to believe that. Anyways I have attached some pictures of her so you can see what she looks like now. If somewhere down the road we decide to get another pup I will definitely be coming to you. Again I would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to let us have one of your pups.

Brian and Cathy 
yellow labs for sale - damascus way labradors

I had purchased a white lab from you back in April and I just wanted to let you know that I could not be more pleased! I came all the way from Wisconsin to pick him up and it was worth the drive! I named him Dexter and he is about 8 months old now and happy as could be. I have had many compliments about him and how beautiful he is. He is very well behaved, but he is also a lab and very hyper and playful! He is a very curious dog and loves to show that he cares about me and wants to protect me. I am hoping in about a year or two I can pick up a brother for him to play with! Again thank you very much as I am happy with my wonderful lab.


black labs for sale - damascus way labradors
this black beauty lives in 
Thomson, Georgia with the Powers Family
Hey Vickie,

We meant to send you some pictures of our Gus earlier, but things are always busy! Gus is the BEST dog for our family! He is my son's best friend. Even though he is over 100lbs he thinks he is a lap dog and is ever so gentle with the kids. He like to pretend to be big and bad when someone comes to the door, but all he will do is lick them to death :) I am waiting for the ok from my husband to get a white female from you. Gus will be 3 in January. Hope to be headed that way soon for another pup! Hope all is well.

Take Care,
Shelby Simpson
white lab puppies for sale - damascus way labradors
black lab puppies for sale - damascus way labradors
white lab puppies for sale - damascus way labradors
yellow labs for sale - damascus way labradors
Hello! I just wanted to send you a picture of Maggie, she turned one years old on January 28, 2012. I also attached a picture of her on the first day we got her. She is such a beautiful and smart dog! Thank you!:) We love her so much!

I can't find her paperwork but if I remember correctly her parents were Molly and James. Can you by any chance send me a picture of the two of them? If so that would be great! 

Hope all is well and god bless!

Whitney Davis and Rett Hartsfield

This our first family photo with Rowdy. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Rowdy turned 1 last week and has been our easiest pup yet! He is calm and laid back. I wish we could clone him. He really has his father, Buddy's sweet and kind disposition. He is also built just like Buddy - Rowdy now weighs 115lbs which is just what we wanted. A BIG loveable LAB. Give his brother Buddy Junior a hug for us.

The Mulls
yellow labs for sale - damascus way labradors
"The Mull Family"
We are enjoying our puppy Dallas so much!! He is growing so fast and is learning so much! Thank you! Elizabeth Stevens

White lab puppies for sale - damascus way labradors
white lab puppies for sale - Damascus Way Labradors

I just wanted to send you a quick note about our Palmer James who is about to turn 10 months old. Palmer has been the most incredible addition to our family. One of the many things we love so much about Palmer and his breeding is that he has the ability to snuggle up with us on the couch one minute, but be a ball of energy when we're on our morning runs or playing fetch. He really has such an incredibly versitile personality that makes him such an easy dog to have and love. Training such a smart animal that wants to please so much has been rewarding. Even at such a young age, he's protective of me, but also an easygoing companion and so sweet. He loves coming on hikes with us and is a great water dog. I've been taking Palmer to work with me since he was 7 weeks old. We usually walk or I ride my bike and he runs next to me in the mornings. He's an exceptional gentleman at the office, greeting guest and sleeping under my desk. He's actually become quite the celebrity. We've now had two major magazines (US Airways Magazine and Walter) publish stories that include him and talk about what a great company mascot he's become. When we have special visitors to the office he even wears a bow tie! I waited a long time to get Palmer, and it was worth every bit of research and every moment we waited to get the exact right dog with the breeding he posses. I wanted to pass along some pictures I thought you would enjoy- one from the day we took him home all the way until now. He's a spitting image of his father James, and when he broke 90 pounds at 9 months old we knew we got what we wanted in a big, strong lab with dark features. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your dogs, we could not be happier.

Lindsay and Justin

white lab puppies for sale - Damascus Way Labradors

Here’s a picture of Grace at 10 months old. He’s a handful to say the least! He weighs 100 lbs and thinks he’s a lapdog. When we drove down from Kansas to get him we never imagined what we were in for. He’s just what we wanted, he’s so loving and just wants to be around us and our other dogs. We want to thank you again for all you did to make the purchase of this “Monster Dog” so simple and enjoyable. We will definitely be using Damascus Way Labs for our next White Lab purchase.

Todd & Karen Haraughty
​Hi Vickie....Just wanted to share some pics of Cash with you. We purchased him from you in Feb this year. He was pup to BJ and Elly Mae , your Foxy's brother. He is a monster....really really big...very affectionate. He can get a little rough, just not aware of his size, but he is getting better. We love him so much, and the boys laugh at him non stop. He is a real beauty...exactly what we wanted....a big ole baby!  Shannon Haskins

Cash lookin for retrieve

Just a quick note to say that we made it back to Missouri without any incidents and the trip with the puppy was quite enjoyable.

She made the trip very well and was a welcome companion. She is doing great and enjoying the Missouri Ozarks. My son, Noah, loves the puppy and they are already the best of friends.

That is what it is all about!

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful breed and for your service and support. Your facilities were impressive and I could sense your love for the Labrador breed. I do not believe that I could have made a better choice than Damascus Way Labradors.

The trip to Georgia was well rewarded by the selection I made. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful addition to our family. Look forward to continue blessed experiences with Damascus Way.

Jack Johnson 
Missouri, USA