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"All good and perfect gifts are from God " James 1:17
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Our Moms
This is Damascus Ways "Ruff"
Ruff  is a white female with dark features... she produces beautiful white and cream lab puppies
"Ryder" of Damascus Way
Ryder is a sweet, young, yellow female. She just craves attention and has a great temperament and is the sister to our Grover. 

Damascus Ways
"Ruby Love"
Ruby Love is an all around great lab. Size, temperament, sweet, loving, etc..

Damascus Ways "Lucy"

Lucy is a beautiful, black, most loving lab that we have. You can't find them any sweeter than her!
"Remi" of Damascus Way
Remi is a Red female. She has lots of energy and loves to run and play fetch.
"Bunny" of Damascus Way
Bunny  is a very white lab that produces beautiful white puppies.